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One Handed Hand Stand Wrap

I just had to get on here and write a little something about this trick that Stephen Storey put up the other week. First I want to know if anyone has seen this move done before. feel free to chime in. I consider myself a Twirlin’ historian and I haven’t seen it.

So I think it is necessary for the few of us to acknowledge the new stuff. Especially because we often see new Twirlers building their foundation on everything that was done before (and there is nothing wrong with that BTW).

I’ve always found it a bit disturbing that so many of the brothers (and a few women) Twirlin’ claim moves or styles as there own because of some recent acclaim. My personal opinion is that moves used for transition or to start another move shouldn’t be claimed as someone’s own, unless we look back to the few who started Twirlin’ in the mid 1980s.

I remember counting the moves that I (and some of the people who came up around the same time) originated, like the “matrix” or the “one handed body wrap” or the “360 neck wrap” … but I honestly haven’t seen anything as unique as what Stephen Storey has done in the past decade or so outside of my own and some of the moves that Paco does. I can remember reading a book of tricks that Damien Findley had written out back in 2000 and thinking there is no way to master all of these, or watching Zorro’s moves from the late 1990s.

During the 2011 Kappa Conclave i was talking with a bunch of people while Twirlin, and I said that the only totally unique tricks that could be produced would require some type of martial arts or acrobatics, and Stephen definitely went there. So I just want to say Kudos to the new, and that its one of the few things that keeps us hitting it.