Twirlin’: The History The Who The How, Vol. 1
By: Kwesi Daniels with James Felton Keith
ISBN: 061543908X | EAN-13: 978-0615439082
1. History 2. American History 3. African American History


Twirlin’ is a derivative of stepping, or step-dancing, in which a cane is used as a prop. This text covers the historical and recent account of how the a cultural trend transformed into a skill-set embraced by millions as a new art. Twirlin’ traces the culture surrounding the cane to tribal traditions indigenous to the African continent. It links the influence of affluent wardrobe in early-industrial Europe to turn of the century American influence on the first generation emancipated African-American intellectual. Finally, it addresses the information age’s, YouTube revolution of documenting and sharing technique far beyond the physical bounds of the Kanemaster’s travel schedule. Twirlin’, like any artistic skill-set, will always be a work in progress, searching for the next great achievement in complexity and style. The volume is the first of its kind and commences an age of recognition for, what some are calling, a “lost art”. The authors of Twirlin’ are just a part of the optimistic few that are looking forward to what tomorrow brings.


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