Twirlin’ Dictionary

Twirlin’ Dictionary

2nd count revolution

  • The most primitive form of twirlin’. The user will rotate the cane 720 derees through all ‘4’ fingers stopping at the thumb at which time the hook of the cane will point to downward or 6 o’clock. This method is most commonly used by Kanemaster; however, there have been derivatives of this method preformed where the cane ends its revolutions at 3, 12, or 9 o’clock.

1st count revolution

  • The user will rotate a can 360 degrees while trading the cane from right hand to left hand at the end of each revolution, creating the illusion of a continuous revolution.


  • The use will rotate the cane 360 degrees from its CG [center of gravity] while passing the cane from right hand to left hand creating the illusion of a continuous revolution.

Body wrap

  • The user will cross both hands around any limb to pass the cane from one hand to another making the creating the illusion of the cane wrapping around a specific limb or group of limbs.

Cane Master

  • An individual who has mastered the Art of Twirlin’ from a mechanical and/or finesse standpoint to reap acclaim from peers and admirers.


  • An unrehearsed compilation of moves, twirls, and tricks.


  • A group of rehearsed or unrehearsed moves spanning over a  period of time.


  • A step used by Steppers of Kappa Alpha Psi to keep time and uniform during a step show; however, twirlers elaborate on Bopps to cater to a specific snare count unsounded rhythm.


  • The user will toss a cane into the air at a timed rate to make a catch with an arranged limb. Catches have a wide range of complexities and revolutions.


  • The user will stop the normal momentum of a cane after a revolution to direct it in the opposite direction and finish the move in/on the newly directed area/limb.


  • The user will use a particular move or series of moved to elude to the mechanics of a more complex or virtually unattainable move.


  • The user will use move the cane in such a way that actual revolutions are not encompassed into the move. A Trick could be specific to a limb, body type, gender, or setting/prop.


  • The user will use a foot to direct or toss a cane to a pre determined position, limb, or prop.

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