Happy J5 everyone Twirlin

Happy 101st J5 to all the Nupes here. Some bros hit me up about Twirlin today, and asking “what can make them good”, as if a few words could substitute practice. To all the Twirlers out there. The biggest difference between most and someone like Paco or myself is control. It looks significantly better when you don’t have to chase the cane, or you dont have that “spare hand” waving at everyone (LOL). I don’t care how many tricks you do, we can all do 99% of them, but a controlled flow is what makes the best of the best obvious. Its so controlled that it looks like 1 continuous movement. Twirlin’ is about a lot of things like cane freestyle for instance, and we all have that going. But the best stuff looks like Jazz, it looks intuitive, you know it when you see it. Keep your balance 😉

Thanks for letting me post here

Snoty Thefist



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